An overwhelming majority of our patients report improvements in a number of areas of their life–including pain relief! More energy, improved sleep, and a greater sense of well-being is also possible when you choose care at White House Chiropractic.

When it comes to pain relief, however,.  there is a deeper issue that we should consider. And it is the fact that feelings are only one way the body communicates with us. And sometimes pain is a good thing, as long as it is temporary.

For example, what makes the deadliest cancers so deadly is that they grow without causing any symptoms. Lung cancer is very dangerous, for the simple reason that the lungs do not feel any pain.

When we feel pain it is our body telling us something is wrong. Kind of like a fire-alarm. Without this alarm system we would often hurt ourselves worse.

Now, sometimes this alarm system works well. And other times it becomes overactive, telling us “fire, fire, fire” when there really is not one. And that is a problem. Our pain system becomes hypersensitive and overactive.

Spinal health and flexibility, emotions, and nutrition all play a role in this kind of over-reactive pain. Which is why we address whole body health in our clinic.

Finally, a word should be said about constructive pain. There are times in the healing process when the body will temporarily experience pain. For example, when muscles release their toxins. Or when we remove certain chemicals from the system, sometimes the body feels a little bit of pain in the withdrawal. As annoying as this pain can be, it is a sign that the body is healing and moving away from disease and toward health.

It is so important for us to follow up with your care so we can help you identify if your pain is constructive pain, or if is deconstructive and then make the appropriate clinical decision.