America has a problem with nutrition. Obesity is on the rise, including in children. Type 2 diabetes is more prevalent than ever. Heart disease, often a preventable illness, still kills hundreds of thousands of people per year. Chronic disease is everywhere and continuing to grow at alarming rates. What is going on?

We are addicted to convenience foods which are often high in energy and low in nutritional value. We can barely go a day without eating something from a box, from the freezer, or from a fast-food restaurant. Which means we are overfed, but undernourished. And it is showing up on our waistlines, and in all kinds of chronic health problems.

At White House Chiropractic we believe that nutritional modification is key to getting out of pain and regaining health. Eating less processed foods and more natural foods is key. But so is supplementing what we cannot get from our current food sources with whole food nutritional supplements.

We build a nutritional plan around your current needs and conditions, including daily supplementation from only the best producers of whole food nutrition.

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