The key to stay healthy- here are some reminders:

  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Drink plenty of water ( half your weight in ounces)
  • Limit sweets ( immune suppressing)
  • Eat good fats (cell membrane support)
  • Take a good multi-vitamin like Catalyn (Standard Process)

However, even in the best circumstances, you may come down with a cold or flu.  One thing I would keep in my “medicine chest” is a bottle of Congaplex. Congaplex supports the thymus gland which is critical in antibody production and transforming white blood cells into infection fighting killer cells.  It also provides vitamins from whole food concentrates that are full of real vitamins, A, C, J, K, and bioflavenoids and more.  It is derived from organically grown plants processed in a way that keeps all vital forces intact. It also contains fish oil and support for bones. Finally, Congaplex contains calcium lactate, the easiest form of calcium for the body. to utilize. It is critical to those prone to fevers and infections.

If you have continual problems during cold and flu season, take 9 daily.  If you don’t have continual problems, you might consider 1-2 daily as preventative. Congaplex also comes in chewable form.

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Please see an actual patient testimonial below:

I have been coming in regularly for adjustments since July, 2008. Recently I came in for an adjustment and had a sinus infection at the time. I had been battling this for 3 weeks.  I went to my primary care doctor and was put on an antibiotic and steroid dose pack, but I was still having trouble with it. Dr. Banning and his staff recommended a Standard Process supplement called Congaplex. After the first week I started to notice an improvement and continued taking the supplement. I’ve noticed while taking this that I just feel better over all..  Dr. Banning has a very caring & knowledgeable staff because they took the time to explain Congaplex and how it works.  I would highly recommend Dr. Banning.