Car Accident Tingling and Numbness

Treatment for tingling and numbness related to whiplash and back injuries are two of the most common reasons why car accident victims schedule an appointment with our White House chiropractor.

If that is what brought you to us today, we have some good news for you­–through careful medical evaluation and experienced chiropractic care, it is possible to find relief and improve your overall quality of life.

How to Know You Suffered Nerve Damage After a Car Accident

Aside from sudden tingling, numbness, and pins-and-needles sensations, other symptoms that indicate that you may have suffered nerve damage (also known as a pinched nerve) after a car accident include:

  • Experiencing muscle pain and weakness
  • Shooting pain that moves outward
  • Not being able to feel or move your limbs, fingers, and/or toes  
  • Sudden twitching or uncontrolled muscle movement
  • Increased skin sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures 

Car crash victims may also suffer secondary symptoms, such as lack of sleep and stress, because of the constant discomfort and pain.

Chiropractic Care Treatment Options for Numbness and Tingling

After a car accident, chiropractic care can help reduce numbness and tingling that is the result of nerves being stretched or pinched by misaligned or locked vertebrae, as well as inflamed and swollen tissue. As a car crash patient’s range of motion improves in their spine and neck, and swelling reduces, their symptoms will begin to lessen.

Chiropractic care for nerve damage

The rate of improvement depends on the severity of injuries sustained after an auto crash; however, relief is often felt within two weeks.

Here are just a few examples of tingling and numbness treatment options that Dr. Banning may include in your personal care plan:

Get Relief from Tingling and Numbness After a Car Accident

Dr. Chris Banning in White House, TN has over two decades of experience treating patients experiencing tingling and numbness. Dr. Banning has also helped bring relief to patients who have suffered from other auto accident related injuries, such as vertigo, TMJ, headache, neck, shoulder, and back pain. 

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