This is a very tricky area. Most people have one classification for carbohydrates when in reality there are three types – complex, simple, and processed. Unfortunately, for most patients suffering with imbalance problem most carbohydrates are a no-no. It is a physiological fact that the more carbohydrates consumed the bigger will be your cravings. Craving carbohydrates is a symptom of an imbalance, so you can use this craving as a tool to monitor your progress.

Overall eat vegetables as your carbohydrate choice and limit grains (even the whole grains can be trouble. When you do eat whole grains, only have them in moderation and only have them at dinner. If you start the day with carbs you are likely to crave them through out the day, and then you’ll eat more and then it is downhill from there.

Absolutely stay away from white breads (100% rye bread is the least of the evils), muffins, cookies, candies, crackers, pastas, white rice and most baked goods will result in all kinds of health problems.

There is another dark side to processed carbohydrates that isn’t talked about much- the connection to weight gain, elevated cholesterol, and triglycerides, heart disease, and cancer.

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