The bad news is you probably don’t get enough of the right fats in your diet. So, please use olive oil (cold pressed, extra virgin), walnut oil, flax seed and grape seed. These are actually beneficial as long as they are cold pressed. When cooking use only raw butter and olive oil – they are the only two oils safe to cook with. Avoid all hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats! They are poison to your system. Never eat margarine again. Also avoid peanut butter. Eat all the avacados and raw nuts you desire.

If you think eating fat will make you fat, think again. When you eat fat, a chemical signal is sent to your brain to slow down the movement of food out of your stomach. As a result, you feel full. It is not surprising that recent research is showing that those who eat “fat free” products tend to actually consume more calories than those who eat foods that have not had their fat content reduced ( low fat usually means high sugar calories). In addition, fats are used not only for energy,( your heart’s main supply of energy, saturated fats) but also for building the cell membrane around every single cell in your body. Fats also play a role in the formation of hormones. Which of course make you feel and function well. It is far worse to become hormone depleted from a fat depleted diet than it is to over eat fat. The sickest people we see are those that have been on a fat-free diet for a long period of time. Like carbohydrates, choose your fats wisely and also avoid fried or processed foods.

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