They’re the same thing…right? They are both made from cows so they must be exactly the same.

This is the argument the food and drug manufacturing companies have used for the last 70 years. If the same basic molecules are being used then the healing value of using synthetic molecules made in the laboratory are the same as those found in different plants and animals.

But anyone who has eaten a filet mignon can tell you it tastes better than a hot dog. Why is that? The filet is cut directly from the cow’s most tender and lean part of it’s body. There is nothing else done to it. There is only one step from the cow to the table. And it is quite tasty!

Now lets look at a hot dog. After the the butchering of the cow is complete the remaining scraps of meat are put together with fillers and chemical preservatives and red dye # 2 to fill an artificial casing. There are probably several steps left to produce a complete hot dog. Does the dog taste as good as the filet? Does it have the same nutritional value as the filet? Of course not.

I use this analogy to illustrate the difference between naturally occurring vitamins and hormones vs. synthetic vitamins and hormones. There has always been the argument that synthetic vitamins and hormones are the exact same molecules so they react the exact same way. I know this is not true. If you took all of the different chemicals and compounds from a laboratory and put it together to make a filet would it taste as good as coming from ol” Besse?

So why have the food and drug companies argued this fact for so long? Profit. These companies are in business to make a profit. And it is much less expensive to distill vitamins and create drugs from synthetic sources than it is to extract them from natural sources. So it only makes sense to get the compounds as inexpensively as they can so they can sell it at a reasonable price to the consumer and still turn a profit. That’s just good business.

The problem with this good business is the promise of wellness they make is based on information that is faulty. Your body can’t utilize synthetic vitamins and drugs nearly as well as it can an organic or natural vitamin or herb. There are energies and natural vibrational properties contained in natures vitamins and herbs that cannot be duplicated in the laboratory. These subtle energies are very important in creating the proper downstream (future) effects of these compounds.

Proper downstream effects are created in the body when nutritional needs and deficiencies are being supplied and the body is responding by creating wellness. If synthetic vitamins and hormones do not create the same downstream effects they won’t help the body to create wellness.

So the next time you buy vitamins remember the filet vs. the hot dog, The natural stuff might cost more but you’re worth it!