I have been getting adjusted at least once a week for.  22 years..  That works out to about 1200 adjustments..  Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?.  I know; I’m weird..  My wife has received about half that amount over the same amount of time..  My 21 y/o daughter, has been adjusted as an infant, and over her lifetime. approximately 400 times..  My 16 y/o son about the same..  They get to go thru all this b/c I am their father and husband..  Very few people realize the benefits of regular chiropractic care. b/c very few receive it..  In today’s society chiropractic is not the first option..  People are accustomed to taking medication to get rid of their symptoms which on the surface may seem to work..  However this approach takes a toll on the body since getting rid of symptoms does not. return the body to normal intelligent function where it is in control. . Most people would say chiropractic is for people with sore backs and necks..  I won’t disagree with that..  When someone is sick in our family I always make sure their nervous system is getting checked regularly so their body can recognize what is happening and the nervous system can work.  freely without interference.. . Rarely does. a family member get sick and it hardly ever spreads to other family members.. . My wife and I are almost 50 years old and feel great!. . . It is a blessing to feel like I am in control of my health.