Consumption of processed foods especially breads, pasta, cereal, bagels, donuts, pop tarts, fruit juices, crackers, chips etc. during meals and as snacks will result in hormone imbalance and disease over time.
These foods cause insulin levels to stay consistently high. Insulin is a hormone that builds fat tissues (anabolic) this will produce an anabolic shift towards anabolism. The body will always try to maintain homeostasis (balanced metabolism) by decreasing other important anabolic hormones like growth hormone or sex hormones. This anabolic shift can result in poor sleep, and poor recovery from normal day to day stresses, loss of muscle mass, difficult menstruation and a lot of other health problems.

The body can also increase the hormones that tear things down like thyroid hormones. This is a catabolic shift in metabolism and results in thyroid problems. The body is always
wanting to balance metabolism. It has no choice when processed foods are a staple of our diets. This problem is very common with our modern fast paced lifestyle. Unfortunately this leads to degenerative diseases, diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease, auto-immune compromise, arthritis, and many other problems.
Waiting till you have a positive test and “disease” so you can get on the drug train is not how to take care of your health. We can help you with lifestyle changes we have free classes for people suffering with these problems.

Sincerely, Dr. B

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