When you control your blood sugar effectively, you can lose weight, have more energy, kick the sugar blues, and feel better about yourself both inside and out.

Symptoms of Poor Blood Sugar Control – Feeling poorly if you don’t eat for a while..  Getting shaky or sick to your stomach or having trouble focusing or concentrating on a task..  Craving sweets or refined carbohydrates is a sign of blood sugar issues. And, weight gain around the middle of your body without you changing diet or fitness routine.

Why do you have these problems in the first place?.  It’s easy to make poor food choices (convenience) during the day. . Eating processed foods, causes your insulin to rise way too quickly and start causing the sugar blues..  Too much stress causes you to eat emotionally and burn out your body’s stress glands.

When should you worry about it?.  An unusual amount of weight gain over a period of time is reason for concern….if you can’t perform your daily tasks without extreme effort; when your three month blood sugar test (called HeA1C test) is getting close to the diabetic level;.  and when you can’t control your sugar cravings anymore, you’ve got the sugar blues.

What Should You Do? . White House Nutrition and Wellness Center has helped lots of people get rid of the sugar blues with specific supplements designed to get your blood sugar back under control..  We can reduce your sugar cravings and help your body convert sugar to energy within the cells..  We can also help your body burn sugar and prevent sugar from going into fat storage.

It is important to eat more real foods (fruits, vegetables, whole dairy, and meats)..  Nothing does more to help regulate your blood sugar than regular exercise (at least 20-30 minutes) three days per week.

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