Have you ever wondered what’s really in your daily vitamins? Where does that stuff come from? What makes your urine look like it just came out of a nuclear reactor? How do you know what’s actually good for you? This article answers those questions and explains what to look for next time you are staring down the supplement aisle.

First you must recognize it’s only been about one hundred years that we’ve been able to get vitamins and minerals from anything but food. For thousands of years, the food we ate provided all the vitamins and minerals necessary for life. It wasn’t until science was able to isolate and produce specific vitamins and minerals in the labaratory that our bodies saw anything different.

So always remember your body knows exactly what to do with vitamins and minerals coming from food. It has processed and dealt with them in that form for thousands of years. But this means you must eat real whole food on a daily basis. This isn’t easy in today’s society.

Vitamin and mineral supplements were createdl to help people boost themselves because of things they weren’t eating naturally. But vitamins and minerals don’t have the same mechanism of action as drugs do and shouldn’t be used the same way.

Drugs are designed to overpower the liver and get into the bloodstream to have its desired effect. Large doses of drugs are given to get it into the bloodstream. If a little is good, more is better.

But vitamins and minerals don’t work the same way. There is no mega dose of anything in nature. Our bodies were never designed to absorb vitamins and minerals in large doses. This is why people in the U.S. have the most expensive urine in the world. Your body can only accept small doses of vitamins and minerals at a time. The rest will leave your body with a swirling action.

This is why “one a day” supplement is not the best way to go. Remember up until 100 years ago the only way we got vitamins and minerals was through food. You don’t eat once a day, do you? Rebuilding your body taking extra vitamins and minerals isn’t about the convenience of taking it once a day. It’s about understanding how your body works and supplying it with what it needs to rebuild naturally.

So how do you know if a supplement is any good? First, look and see where the vitamins come from. Are they coming from plant, herb or animal sources? Can you recognize anything on the label that can be pulled, picked or killed? If all ingredients look like your last science experiment be very careful.

Good supplements are whole food based. In other words, you see exactly where the vitamins and minerals are being supplied because it lists the whole food source on the label. This is how you know your body can absorb what you are putting in your mouth. Also make sure you take your supplements at least twice a day, better yet three times a day just like you are supposed to eat. Your body will begin to rebuild itself and you will have more energy.