If you are trying to lose weight it is important to cut out processed foods! You ask why, there is little nutritional value in boxed goods, lots of artificial chemicals and sprayed synthetic vitamins are in these “foods”. These “foods” have an extended shelf life whereas real food (vegetables, fruit, meats) do not.
The worse thing is these foods cause your insulin levels to stay high which results in fat storage, elevated triglycerides. This is the American diet which is why so many people are getting diabetes, heart disease, vascular disease, hormonal imbalance and degenerative diseases at an early age.
You can enjoy eating, be healthier, and lose weight and keep it off!!! We have free workshops to the public.
One of my goals as a lifestyle coach is to let people know as they get older they can be healthy and have energy and have a productive life!

Sincerely, Dr. B

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