Have you ever wondered why you can’t get rid of your belly fat? No matter how much you weigh there is story after story of people shrinking away to nothing on TV and the internet. But when you try nothing happens. This disconnect between perception and reality can make you feel bad about yourself.

Let’s talk about how to shorten the distance between media hype and the reality of everyday life. There are hundreds of ways to get fat. Not all of them have to do with eating too much. Every person who is obese doesn’t overeat. They could have a bowel or liver problem that makes them retain fluid to the level that they become obese.
Did you know every person has different bacteria in their small intestines? Your bacterial flora is as unique as your fingerprint. There are over 30 kinds of good bacteria to help you digest your food and turn it into fuel for your body. Each type of bacteria divides and changes to become your personal gut flora.

You also have bad colonies of bacteria building up in your gut. These bad bacteria actually leak toxic substances out of them and make you sick. These toxins can also lead to a condition called Leaky Gut Syndrome. Leaky gut Syndrome occurs when your digestive system starts to leak undigested or partially digested food and toxins into your blood stream. These substances cause an immune response and can make your body accumulate fluid in your belly. Often your body isn’t as much fat as it is fluid.

This brings me to another common cause of belly roundness, fluid. Many people go around thinking they have a big fat belly, when in fact they are walking around with a big fluid filled belly.
There is a pretty easy way to tell the difference yourself. First lay down on your back. Then tap one side of your stomach with enough force to move its contents and then observe what happens to the other side of your stomach. If your stomach moves on the side you are tapping but doesn’t move on the other side you probably have excess fat on your stomach. If, however, you tap on one side and can see the ripple of that on the other side of your belly, you are dealing with extra fluid buildup in your belly. The fancy name for this excess fluid is ascites.

Extra fluid develops in health problems like diabetes, liver disease and gut problems. The reason is the same for all three. The solution to pollution is dilution. When you build up toxins in your system, you will hold onto fluid to dilute those toxins. Once you get rid of those toxins your body will get rid of the extra fluid.

If you want to know more about the natural solution to dilution and weight and how to lose inches let us know.

Sincerely, Dr. B

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